5 Reasons to Use Mobile Traffic Management Forms

Ready to level-up your Traffic Management operation? Empower your field teams and back-office to work smarter, faster and more accurately with mobile Traffic Management forms that can be used on mobile devices. Here's how GoFormz can help:

1. Collect & process data in real-time
With mobile Traffic Management forms that look exactly like your original paper forms, input and submit field data directly from your phone or tablet. Once input, forms and data are instantly available to the back-office for review and processing – allowing your team to respond to project or client needs, faster.

2. Add context with new data types
When relaying information between job sites and back-office teams, text fields and numeric data alone is often not enough to convey critical on-site details. With mobile versions of your traffic management forms, field teams can capture and submit job site Images and Sketches, directly from their device. This means field teams are no longer burdened by cameras, photo print-outs or poorly annotated images. Additionally, field teams can add their GPS location with just a few taps, and even scan equipment Barcodes to instantly populate fields. This added context not only increases job site transparency, but also helps teams to better monitor project progress and safety.

3. Enrich every inch of your operation
Another major benefit digital forms is the ability to connect your documents to other powerful business applications (like Box, Egnyte, ServiceMax and Tableau). Because data can be captured in real-time, forms can be configured to instantly pass data to connected platforms, updating your systems without the need for rekeying data. This not only saves significant administrative time, but also reduces opportunities for lost or miscommunicated data. Information can also be passed back to GoFormz, and used to pre-populate forms or instantly fill fields based on selections.

4. Pinpoint opportunities and obstacles with timely reporting
Timely data leads to more accurate, compelling reporting, which in turn results in a more informed workforce. Because data is available for review in real-time, opportunities and obstacles can be addressed faster, increasing your team’s business agility. Bonus: Using GoFormz, reports can be scheduled to automatically occur at regular intervals, providing management with regular insights – no extra work required!

5. Impress clients with professional, accurate forms & data
Finally, secure repeat business with professional, digital versions of your traffic management forms. Digital versions of your forms allow users to present legible, highly accurate forms, free of human error or damage. Copies of completed forms (like Quotes and Invoices) can even be automatically routed to customer emails input into forms – drastically improving client communication

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