[Video] How to Add & Edit Table Fields

Adding Tables to your mobile forms helps your team keep data organized, accurate and uniform.

In the GoForm Template Editor form creators can optimize each of their Table’s columns specific Field Properties, including:

  • Field Type - Select the type of field you wish your column to host, for example, Text fields, Barcode Scanning, Drop Downs and more.

  • Formatting - Enforce uniform data capture by selecting a format option, for example, Currency or Percentage.

  • Locked columns - Make Table columns un-editable by selecting ‘Yes’ from the ‘Locked’ Field Property menu.

  • Automate actions - Streamline the entry of data by automating Table cell actions, for example, summing two columns and populating Data Source information.

To learn more about adding, editing and refining your Table fields, check out the video guide below.

How to add a Table field to your mobile form:

  1. Login to GoFormz from a computer

  2. Open your desired Template in the Template Editor

  3. Drag-and-drop a Table field onto your form Template

  4. In the Properties panel (right-hand side of the Template Editor) select the number of rows and columns your Table should have

  5. Resize your Table using your cursor

  6. Back in the Properties panel, select a column to open its individual Column Properties

  7. Modify your column’s field type (e.g. Barcode, Drop Downs), edit its visual properties and add Calculations to automate actions (like summing columns or populating cells with Data Source information) and more

  8. Click ‘Save Changes’

To learn more, check out our GoFormz Support documentation.