3 Mobile Form Features to Modernize Your HVAC Business

As HVAC businesses around the globe modernize it can be difficult to gain a leg up on competition, especially when relying upon analog tools like paper forms. Consider this, when bidding for work on an HVAC project, efficiency, professionalism and accuracy are key. With paper forms, achieving these qualities can be extremely difficult due to the delays, human error and fragility that accompany analog tools.

Fortunately, outpacing your competition can be as simple as digitizing your paper forms for use on mobile devices, like phones, tablets and computers. With GoFormz, digital forms can look exactly like your existing forms, allowing you team to work within a familiar interface and eliminating the need for retraining. Mobile versions of your forms can also be used offline and uploaded once a signal becomes available, meaning your team is equipped to work anywhere, anytime.

Interested in digitally optimizing your HVAC business? Check out three more mobile forms features that will further modernize your HVAC operation:

  1. Instantly generate HVAC bids, quotes, work orders and more
    When competing for an HVAC project or finalizing a sale, it is crucial that your team work efficiently and professionally. With paper forms, sales teams often need to keep customers waiting as they return to the office to finalize calculations, acquire supervisor signatures and make form duplicates. Mobile forms help your team ‘strike while the iron is hot’, by instantly generating forms in the field or dispatching documents pre-filled with data to mobile teams. These digital documents are not only more efficient, but also highly accurate and more professional. Additionally, forms can be equipped with Automatic Calculations to expedite calculations and digital Signature boxes, to rapidly secure sales.

  2. New data types like Images, Sketches and Maps
    Present your customers with informative, detailed digital documents, to help illustrate project progress and results. With new data types, like Images, project progress can be more easily detailed and recorded (and even annotated with Sketch fields to highlight key features). By including GPS fields, back-office personnel can track the progress of field teams in real-time, increasing job site transparency and providing insight to better optimize efficiency.

  3. Automated workflows & integrations
    Work at the speed of digital by automating tasks and form sharing. With Automated Workflows, forms can be instantly routed to customers, colleagues and the back-office, in real-time. Leveraging integrations, forms can also be automatically stored in connected applications, like ServiceMax, Salesforce, Google Drive, Box, Egnyte and more. These automated integration workflows can even instantly update project records or create new ones, for intuitive, streamlined record-keeping.

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