3 Reasons to Add a Signature Box to Your Mobile Forms

Signatures play a vital role within the modern workplace. Tasked with demonstrating acknowledgement  of critical changes, progress, and various other details, capturing proper Signatures should be considered nothing short of a priority. 

There are a variety of benefits that come with using mobile forms, including the ease of leveraging digital Signature capture. Here are three ways a digital Signature box can transform and improve your mobile forms: 

Add a signature box to your mobile forms

1. Improve compliance
Adding a Required Signature box ensures the necessary autographs are captured before a form can be submitted. By requiring a Signature be captured before submission, forms cannot be retroactively added — ensuring team leads, supervisors and those tasked with a procedure, sign their approval and confirmation of completion. 

Example: Imagine you are the onsite lead of a construction team, tasked with ensuring OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations are being carefully followed (for the protection of your team, and your business). When completing relevant onsite safety forms, a Required Signature box included within a mobile form can help ensure onsite personnel have confirmed compliance, and supervisors (or other onsite leaders) have signed their approval. 

2. Expedite processing & approvals
A digital Signature box expedites processing and approvals, by making captured Signatures instantly available to relevant users. 

Example: Mobile teams often must deliver paperwork containing captured signatures back to the office for processing. Leveraging a Signature box within your mobile forms allows signed documents to be instantly available for processing — allowing teams dependent on approvals to get to work faster. 

3. Simplify Signature recall
Digital Signatures can't get lost in the chaos of manual filing and physical record-keeping (like paper does). With mobile forms, digital Signatures can be quickly recalled and referenced, as soon as needed. 

Example: Struggling to remember who approved a questionable Timesheet? Cloud storage and organizational tools (like Tags) make it easy to find the right form, with the right Signature, at the right time.

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