3 Mobile Forms for Traffic Management

Effective Traffic Management requires a careful balance of safety, efficiency, and communication, between back-office personnel and mobile field teams. Relying on analog tools, like paper forms, makes managing each facet of Traffic Management difficult, often resulting in costly data entry mistakes and delays.

Modern, efficient Traffic Management teams implement mobile forms to streamline and optimize their data capture. These digital forms, which are identical versions of their existing forms, can be used on phones and tablets in the field, even offline. Once data is captured and a signal is available, captured data is instantly available to the back-office for review and processing.

Curious how mobile forms can digitally transform your Traffic Management operation? Check out these three mobile forms for Traffic Management:

Safety Checklists
Keep your roadside crew safe and diligent with digital Safety Checklists. Easily include Checkboxes, Images of onsite hazards and GPS data, straight from your phone or tablet. If an onsite hazard is present, Safety forms can be submitted from the field and instantly accessed by back-office teams, allowing for more rapid responsiveness to safety concerns.

Inspection Forms
With digital Inspection forms, rapidly capture job site details – from signage and flagging to barricades and safety attire. Easily capture inspection approvals with digital Signature capture, and instantly route completed forms to supervisors, administrators, and clients.

Inventory Forms
Effortlessly track the usage of assets and remaining inventory with digital Inventory forms. With Drop Down menus, select an item to instantly populate relevant fields and details. Use Date fields to include time ranges of usage and add location information for inventory. For example, if a specific sign needed to be accounted for, your digital Inventory form could list the asset’s details, the time range of usage and location of the sign. Include Automatic Calculations to instantly total item counts and leverage Conditional Logic to guide data input and highlight inconsistencies.

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