How GoFormz Mobile Forms Improve Compliance

A common concern on job sites is the safety and compliance of onsite personnel. This sense of safety often feels out of an individual’s control, and dependent on external factors and third party behavior.

In reality, when prioritized and allowed to evolve alongside the scope of a business, onsite safety (and regular Job Safety Analysis) can become a controlled and prioritized aspect of daily work life.

Here’s how GoFormz mobile forms can help improve your operation’s onsite compliance:

  • Provide easy to complete checklists of OSHA mandated site requirements

  • Make specific fields required (like Signatures, Checkboxes, GPS data, etc.) to ensure the documentation of data critical to onsite safety efforts

  • Include Image fields to better document onsite hazards

  • Instantly provide onsite safety reports with real-time data and automated routing

  • Annotate Images to highlight key areas of concern

  • Make specific fields visible in response to entered data, requiring the input of further information (for example, if a Checkbox was select noting a hazard, fields could appear requesting the entry of additional details)

  • Include Date fields to track equipment maintenance, scheduled safety reviews and more

For more information on how GoFormz can help your team work safely, check out our free eBook, ‘5 Forms for Job Safety’.