3 Unexpected Ways to Use GoFormz

By now, you most likely are well acquainted with GoFormz’ ability to rapidly digitize your forms collection.... but are there still paper-based forms and processes you may be neglecting to digitize? Check out three common operational chores, that benefit from digital: 

Although inventory can often feel like a chore, accounting for your business’ goods and property is an essential function, directly impacting your operation’s budgeting, and workflows. Paper documents and manual tasks (like scribbled calculations) provide a variety of hindrances and pitfalls for staff members tasked with inventory. These obstacles are rapidly eliminated by GoFormz. 

Using GoFormz, your team inventory team can: 

  • Expedite inventory processing (submitted data is instantly available to supervising teams, etc.)
  • Ensure accuracy with Automated Calculations, Required fields and Dynamic Fields (to guide user data input)
  • Pre-populate product information from data collections
  • Leverage barcode scanning for rapid data fills
  • Track form ownership (so if a mistake is made, you know who and what to address)

Customer Feedback: 
The customer is always right… and even when they’re not, their feedback should always be well documented. Give your customers an outlet for constructive comments and observations, with professional, client-ready mobile forms. 

Using GoFormz, your Customer Feedback forms can: 

  • Route completed feedback forms to supervisors or specific department heads
  • Rank customer satisfaction
  • Note customer concerns or frustration
  • Capture visual aids with Image fields
  • Capture location data
  • Address client concerns quickly with instantaneous data
  • Identify client-relevant business trends and areas of concern

Jobsite Safety Analysis: 
Keeping your crew safe is arguably the most important element of any jobsite. But jobsite safety means more than simply wearing the right gear. Using GoFormz, document your jobsite’s tasks, hazards and precautions using accessible, shareable mobile versions of your existing safety forms. 

Digital Job Safety Analysis (JSA) forms encourage accuracy and attention to detail, using intuitive form guidance (like Required fields, modified field visibility, etc.), streamlined field types (like Checkbox Groups, Drop Downs, etc.) and powerful contextual fields (like Images, Maps and Annotations). JSA’s completed via the GoFormz app can be rapidly filled out, quickly submitted and instantly available to involved parties, and easily accessed whenever necessary. 

Using GoFormz, team members tasked with JSA procedures can: 

  • Easily identify and input worksite details and accompanying hazards
  • Rapidly fill frequently used information (like location or crew member details)
  • Include powerful visual fields like Images and Maps
  • Annotate Images to highlight hazards and details
  • Make specific fields Required or visible, based on the user’s group level (e.g. Only Supervisors can see a ‘Approved’ field)
  • Capture and timestamp Signatures approving JSA details