The GoFormz Dictionary

A glossary of essential, basic GoFormz keywords. 

Anyone individual that has access to your GoFormz account, to review or complete forms.

Have access to the entirety of your GoFormz account.

A set of similar users, assigned the same account permissions (account permissions are assigned at the Group level, not per user).

The master version of your mobile form. When you need to modify the look, feel or function of your form, you will make edits directly to your Template. (Pssst, you can learn to create your first Form Template here!)

Every individual copy you fill out on the app or web, is called a Form. Your Form will look exactly like your original Template, but can be completed and submitted. 

An automated set of repeated Actions that happen based on Triggers (e.g. emailing a specific form to a supervisor, once a technician has completed it). 

A way to group forms together, simplifying organization and form retrieval. Tags can be added manually or automatically, and can reference template type, customer name, users, etc. 

Dynamic Field Properties (DFP’s)
Modified field properties that change in response to certain values. DFP’s can change a field’s Background, Visibility and whether or not it is Required. DFP’s are created by inputting calculations into the Field Properties ‘Value’ column. 

Provide anything from simple addition, to multiplication, to complex Conditional Logic… right into your form field. 

Template Editor
Where the magic happens. In the Template Editor you can drag and drop fields onto your Form Template, modify their size and appearance, as well as their behavior. Any changes you need to make to your Template, will be made in the Template Editor. Please note: Template changes must be made on your desktop. Template changes cannot be made via the GoFormz app.