4 Digital Forms for Commercial Paving

Mobile paving forms

Whether you’re laying concrete or asphalt, commercial paving benefits greatly from digital forms and data routing.

SiteMix, a concrete producer, relied on handwritten, paper tickets that often had incomplete or missing data. These paper tickets needed to be physically handed in and required hours of manual review each day. These tickets also resulted in frustrating record-keeping for the SiteMix team.

The SiteMix team turned to GoFormz to digitize their form collection, and the results were incredible. “GoFormz takes so much work off of our administrators, and eliminating the paper forms saves us thousands of dollars,” SiteMix’s Operating Partner, Dale Henderson, explained to GoFormz team members. “GoFormz easily saves me 50-75 hours per month that would otherwise be spent just on office personnel tasks.”

If you’re looking to digitize your own paving forms collection, here are a few industry forms we recommend digitizing:

Work Order
Instantly dispatch paving project work orders pre-filled with user and customer information to onsite field teams. Mobile paving forms allow for the inclusion of new data types, like Images, Sketches and GPS – empowering field teams to capture more descriptive, compelling project information.

Materials log
Keep an organized, accessible record of materials used for simplified invoicing and more accountable budgeting. Leverage Barcode scanning to rapidly scan and record specific product details within your form. Include Drop Downs pre-filled with material details (e.g. prices) and Automated Calculations for more accurate totals and billing.

Paving checklist
From prepping a site for paving to quality control procedures, craft a digital paving checklist tailored to your operations need. With easy to use Checkboxes, rapidly note the completion of critical tasks, and instantly route completed checklists to back-office teams and management, for review.

Roadside Safety checklist
Responsible paving operations prioritize their team’s roadside safety above all else. With digital roadside safety checklists, ensure your team stays safe and OSHA compliant. Include Required Signature fields to capture supervisor approvals and automatically notify management of completed safety checklists as soon as they are completed.

"If I wasn’t using GoFormz I would have to hire a full time office person. The time and effort that GoFormz saves me allows me to expand my business without adding more administrative costs - in fact, it saves me money.” –Dale Henderson

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