4 GoFormz Automations Admins Love

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Mobile forms not only benefit field teams, but also back-office administrators. Because forms are digital, once they have been submitted by field teams they are instantly available for processing and review by back-office teams. There are an abundance of benefits to using mobile forms to automate your administrative workflows — so how can you enable your forms to do the heavy lifting for you? Below are four administrative workflows your admins will love. 

Record-Keeping Refined
When burdened by paper forms, administrative teams would need to wait for the delivery of completed forms, before manually rekeying (or scan) and physically storing forms delivered to the back-office. With mobile forms, this workflow can be drastically expedited. 

GoFormz simplifies form organization by automatically routing forms to the people and places that need them. This means completed forms can be instantly uploaded to integrated platforms, like Box, reducing demands on administrative teams and eliminating the need for manual storage (saving you time and budget). 

GoFormz can also improve record-keeping by centralizing your form collection — making forms easier to locate and recall based on search criteria. For example, within the ‘Manage Events’ window (in your Template Editor) completed forms that meet specific criteria can be automatically Tagged. When an admin then searches for a specific form, they can search their collection via a Tag (e.g. a Tagged User, customer or department), allowing for a more intuitive search experience. 

Click one of the links below to set up your automated record-keeping workflow of choice:

Automatically upload forms to Box
Automatically Tag forms

Instant Integration Routing
Modern businesses very rarely rely on one platform alone. For those operations who rely on paper-based data collection, this often means rekeying gathered information into other businesses systems (like CRMs, HR platforms, etc.). With GoFormz, completed forms can be instantly routed to other vital business apps (and even fill form fields with data from the same connected systems!) This reduces demands on admins as well as decreasing opportunities for user error. 

Set-and-Forget Reporting
Administrators are often tasked with reporting on collected data — yet another time-consuming, frustrating task. GoFormz significantly reduces reporting demands with automated, repeating, customizable reports. 

Click the link below to set up your automated integration workflow of choice:
Schedule custom reporting

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