Essential Mobile Forms for Wind Energy Field Teams

Arm your wind energy technicians and field teams with digital forms equipped with logic, powerful fields, and automations, to help them work faster and more accurately. Wind energy teams often operate from a variety of remote locations, tasked with collecting critical operational data. Using GoFormz, wind energy teams can collect data within digital forms that look exactly like the paper forms they already know. These digital wind energy forms are fully functional offline, allowing teams to capture data anywhere and sync it to their account and connected platforms, once a signal becomes available.

Digital wind energy forms empower field teams to increase efficiency, while maintaining accuracy and dta quality

Digital wind energy forms further streamline data capture and processing via seamless workflows and automations. Once a digital form is completed, collected data is instantly available for review and processing. Forms can even be instantly routed to teammates, customers, and connect third party apps.

So what forms have proven to be powerful digital assets? Check out the forms our wind energy customers frequently digitize and utilize:

  • Inspection Forms

    Digital wind energy inspection forms allow field teams to rapidly complete equipment and site inspections, including new data types, like Images, Sketches, and GPS. Once completed, these digital inspection forms can be instantly Tagged with a technician’s name, routed to the back-office for review and sign-offs, and uploaded to systems of record or cloud applications.

  • Equipment Maintenance Forms

    Accelerate and simplify equipment maintenance and preventative maintenance activities, leveraging digital features like Drop Downs and database fields. Your forms can be equipped to instantly populate form fields with equipment information, based on input data (e.g. a serial number or product name). Your digital wind energy forms can also be outfitted with Image and Sketch fields, to capture and annotate equipment damage or concerns.

Leverage digital wind energy forms to capture inspection information with new data types
  • Job Safety Forms

    On any job site, safety is paramount. Using digital wind energy forms, safety documentation can be optimized with embedded logic and dynamic properties, like Required fields. These features help to enforce the collection of critical safety data and completion of mandatory safety documents, to help keep your team safe and compliant. With digital Signature boxes, safety forms can be quickly authorized, and later referenced if an on-site incident were to occur.

  • Service Reports

    Increase job site and project transparency with digital service reports. Real-time access to completed service reports increases visibility into project progress, allowing on-site teams to highlight efficiency obstacles and outstanding project needs. Leveraging integrations, digital wind energy service reports can be instantly uploaded to specific project records within your other apps (like Box, ServiceMax, Procore, Smartsheet, and more) for rapid reference and simplified record-keeping.

To learn more about optimizing your wind energy data capture and documentation using mobile forms, check out this wind energy GoFormz customer success story.