4 Ways Digital Forms Improve Data Processing

Manual data processing is often accepted as a necessary burden to businesses; mandatory to move data from Point A (paperwork) to Point B (databases, systems of record, reports, etc.), but impossible to optimize. With GoFormz, there’s no need to abandon improvements to efficiency and processing procedures. Digital forms equip your team with not only an easy to use interface for collecting data, but also a variety of processing features and automations to help them get their work done more efficiently.

Interested in how digital forms can help your business optimize processing, without disrupting existing workflows? Here are five ways GoFormz helps your business streamline and accelerate data processing – from form to database:

  1. Real-time data access accelerates procedures

    Businesses often are forced to endure lengthy delays in the delivery of data, resulting from the distance of job sites, additional office locations, and remote assignments. Using the GoFormz app to complete mobile forms, submitted data is instantly available to the back-office – allowing your business to begin implementing, analyzing, and storing field data, immediately.

  2. Offline data capture allows for collection anywhere… without the need for costly and time consuming form deliveries

    With GoFormz, mobile forms can be used to collect field data, even while offline. Data can be entered into forms and instantly synced to the Cloud once a signal becomes available. This means that teams working from remote job sites can easily collect data within their digital forms, and immediately provide that data for processing once they reach a signal. Offline data capture and real-time data access eliminates the need for manual form hand-offs, which often require manpower, fuel, miles, and more. Rather, data can be instantly piped from forms to back-office teams, systems, and databases – a significant cost and time savings.

  3. Automated workflows streamline data routing, storage, and database updates

    Among the most powerful features offered within the GoFormz data capture platform are Automated Workflows. Automated Workflows encompass a variety of triggered events, for example, the completion of a specific form could trigger an email to instantly send a copy of said form to a predetermined contact list. This automated power extends to data processing. Automated Workflows can be used to instantly add or edit rows within a connected database, update dashboards, route forms to teammates and clients, instantly initiate a report, and more. Your Automated Workflows can be easily updated and customized whenever you may need, allowing for constant optimization and efficiency improvements as your business evolves.

  4. Integrations allow for custom and dynamic data sharing between platforms

    Last, but certainly not least, GoFormz integrations provide a plethora of opportunities to level-up your data processing. Connecting your mobile forms to your other critical business apps establishes a constant current of rich, highly accurate data, throughout your operation. Automated Worklfows can be used to instantly route forms to new or existing integrated platform records, upload captured Images, and more.

Each of these features and form tools present your business with further opportunities to expedite the capture, routing, analysis, and implementation of data – resulting in transformative efficiency improvements. To learn more about selecting and harnessing your digital forms solution, check out our ‘Mobile Forms Buyers Guide’ or watch our accompanying webinar.