Building Powerful Digital Manufacturing Checklists

Mobile forms drastically simplify manufacturing inspections and oversight. This is accomplished through powerful digital features, unattainable via manual, paper-based processes. One of the more versatile digital manufacturing forms is the digital Manufacturing Checklist, which can be used to complete inspections, factory floor safety walks, training procedures, and more.

Using digital Manufacturing Checklists enables your team to rapidly review checklist tasks, and submit their forms and data for real-time processing and review. The ability to instantly access and assess manufacturing data leads to improved business agility, increased factory floor transparency, and a more proactive, informed workforce. Ready to improve your manufacturing workflow? Check out the fields and features to include when building your digital Manufacturing Checklists:

Checkbox Groups
Checkbox Groups allow form builders to dictate whether or not more than one checkbox can be selected, as well as the organization of checkboxes (both within the form, and reporting). Control of checkbox selection not only streamlines digital Manufacturing Checklist form completion, but also eliminates opportunities for contradictory selection and human error.

Image fields
We all know that ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, but in manufacturing, a picture can simplify a thousand tasks. Including Image fields within your digital manufacturing forms improves your team’s ability to convey machinery malfunctions, factory floor hazards, quality control concerns and so much more.

Barcode and Database fields
Barcode and Database fields enable users to quickly scan barcodes using their device’s camera and instantly populate relevant fields with data. These features not only accelerate manufacturing form completion, but also increase accuracy and simplify otherwise monotonous tasks, like Inventory, product shipments, and more.

Automatic Calculations
Rapidly increase accuracy by eliminating manual math with Automatic Calculations. Automatic Calculations allow for quick completion of line items (e.g. projected cost of manufacturing materials, employee hours worked, etc.) – reducing human error while streamlining manufacturing data capture.

Required fields
Making a manufacturing form field Required guarantees critical information is entered before a form can be submitted. For teams completing quality control/assurance processes or warehouse safety inspections, Required fields can help increase form completeness, effectively reducing the need to retroactively enter data (which risks human error and detrimental delays).

Automated Tagging
Automating form Tagging (e.g. a method for grouping forms by relevance or topic) makes it easier for users to find the forms they need, while streamlining record-keeping and organization. For digital manufacturing forms, Automated Tagging allows teams to quickly organize their forms by project, product, customer and more!

Seamless Integrations
Connecting your digital manufacturing forms to your other business applications allows teams to instantly enrich the entirety of their operation with real-time manufacturing data. Mobile forms act as a powerful, intuitive front end to systems of record (like Salesforce, ServiceMax, Procore, Smartsheet, and more), Cloud storage apps (like Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, G Suite, and more), as well as a variety of other platforms. Mobile form data can instantly update or create corresponding records, upload PDFs and attachments, update metadata, and so much more.

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