Capture Data Faster With Barcode Scanning

Easily improve the efficiency of your team’s data entry by including Barcode fields in your mobile forms. Including barcodes in your forms enables users to quickly scan barcodes using their device’s camera and instantly populate relevant fields with data.

Mobile forms barcode scanning helps your team work faster and more accurately

For example, imagine your team was completing an inspection of job site equipment after a day of work. Rather than needing to individually enter several fields for each piece of equipment, a user can simply scan the equipment’s barcode and instantly fill corresponding fields (e.g. serial numbers, service dates, storage location, etc.). This functionality saves incredible amounts of time and reduces opportunities for human error by referencing highly accurate Data Sources. Data Sources are collections of data, that can be referenced by form fields.

Barcode fields can be leveraged in countless power ways, including:

  • Inspections - scan equipment or materials

  • Inventory - easily enter product information and quantities

  • Transportation & Logistics - track cargo and delivery locations

  • Job site management - scan location barcodes to populate job site data

  • Invoicing & quotes - scan materials used and populate billing figures
    ...and so much more!

Customer barcode scanning use case - Vestas
Vestas provides sustainable energy solutions, “designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing wind turbines” to 79 countries.

In the Vestas wind turbine manufacturing branch, there are 200+ forms that need to be completed daily. Before GoFormz, these forms were completed by hand, resulting in frequent data loss and form damage. Additionally, if a Vestas team member noticed an issue with a specific piece of equipment, they would need to handwrite a report noting the issue, take a picture, type up the report, upload and attach the image file and then deliver the report to relevant departments.

With mobile forms and Barcode Scanning, these impactful issues have been easily resolved. Tony Tharp, a Senior Technical Support Technician at Vestas explains, “With GoFormz we can take pictures on the spot, scan barcodes for serial numbers, fill in the issues, and send it to the department that needs to investigate the issue… within minutes.” These digital efficiencies resulted in an impressive $100K a year savings for Vestas.

GoFormz cut the time in half for building forms and populating the fields that we needed.
— Tony Tharp, Senior Technical Support Technican, Vestas

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