Digital Features to Include In Your Mobile Forms

Whether you’re new to mobile forms or a GoFormz guru, every Form Template can benefit from strategic optimization. One fantastic way to elevate your forms and processing is to add new features to your Form Templates and workflows. Adding new features introduces efficiencies and opportunities you might have otherwise never known were possible.

Below we’ve outlined a few easy-to-implement and easy-to-use features you can add to your forms today:

Required Signatures
Ensure forms are complete prior to submission by making Signatures Required — guaranteeing vital signatures are captured before a form is “turned in”. Required Signatures not only eliminate the need to retroactively gather autographs but also help keep your team compliant and enforce procedures. Learn more here

Uneditable Text fields
Often when working with contracts, waivers and other forms that have explicit terms, conditions or policies that must be included, relying on standard Text fields alone is simply not enough. To provide critical document information that cannot be altered by form users, it is best to include uneditable text in your Form Template. Learn more here

Drop Downs & Database Fields
Using “Database Fields” in GoFormz makes data entry unbelievably easy and accurate, by pulling information from structured Data Sources (collections of your data). For example, a selection from a Drop Down menu of customers could populate relevant fields, like the customer’s email, phone, address and more. Learn more here

Automated form routing
Using Automated Workflows, completed forms can be transferred to teammates or can be configured to instantly email a PDF copy. Automated Workflows ensure the completion of daily tasks, keeping your team proactive, responsive and professional. Automated form routing can be used to elevate client communications, partner collaboration and so much more. Learn more here

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