How Digital Forms Reduce Administrative Overhead

Administrative overhead (like printing paper, clip boards, and binders) can be a detrimental burden for your bottomline, that often goes unnoticed. Rather than slashing spend across your operation, reducing your administrative overhead is a more practical, sustainable method of improving your bottom-line.

So how can mobile forms help? Digitizing your forms collection can positively impact your operation end-to-end, by eliminating the need for wasteful, problematic resources. Here’s how:

Eliminate printing and storage costs
Mobile forms have one extremely obvious benefit: going paperless. Running a paperless workplace not only eliminates the need for paper, but also costly printing resources, extensive on-site storage and accessories needed to capture data manually (e.g. binders, clipboards, pens, staples, etc.).

Integrate with systems of record
Digital forms can also be integrated with powerful systems of record, like Salesforce, Procore and ServiceMax. These integrations allow users to instantly upload their completed forms, data, metadata and Images, to relevant records. If a record does not already exist for a specific company or project, an Automated Workflow can instantly create one.

Eliminate wasted resources
Manual data capture requires resources often unassociated with paperwork, like fuel and vehicle mileage. Field teams completing paper forms must hand-deliver forms to the back-office for manual review and filing. This not only costs your business fuel, but also results in time wasted by personnel.

To learn more about how mobile forms can transform your field teams and back-office operation, check out our ‘5 Phases of Digital Transformation’ white paper.