Close Healthcare Paper Gaps With HIPAA-Secure Mobile Forms

No matter how many systems you may have in place, chances are your healthcare operation still relies on paper forms to capture some form of critical data. When working with sensitive or personal information, relying on paper forms to ‘fill in the gaps’ between healthcare systems is problematic. Paper forms are not secure (can easily be lost, delivered to the wrong individual, etc.) and fraught with errors (misspellings, incorrect totals, missing information, etc.), resulting in time wasted and jeopardizing patient care.

Paper forms also require costly administrative overhead and demanding administrative tasks, like filing, scanning, faxing, and rekeying paper form data into computer-based healthcare systems. These manual obstacles provide endless opportunities for human error, resulting in fragmented medical histories, undocumented insurance details, and more.

Fill your healthcare paper gaps with mobile forms
So how can healthcare businesses leverage mobile forms to close their paper gaps? With HIPAA-secure digital forms, your business can rapidly gather critical data, using forms on mobile devices, that look exactly like your existing paper forms. These mobile forms significantly elevate the quality of captured data, via embedded form logic, like Required fields, instant calculations, and pre-populated fields. Digital forms can also host data types paper forms simply cannot handle, like Image fields, Barcode Scanning data, digital Signatures, Maps, and more.

Leveraging simple logic, your forms can enforce data capture rules and ensure critical information and authorizations are collected, prior to form submission. For example, your form fields can be made Required, or instantly populate corresponding fields, based on input data. Similarly, your form fields can be equipped with Automatic Calculations, providing instant, highly accurate totals for otherwise problematic calculations.

Collected data is instantly available to healthcare professionals & platforms
Paper forms trap collected data within static documents and cluttered filing cabinets. With mobile forms, collected data can be instantly piped to integrated systems, automatically routed to collaborators and patients, and used to run detailed reports (in real-time!). Immediate access to collected data results in faster approvals, fewer stumbling blocks to patient care, and increased communication.

Simplify record-keeping & eliminate unnecessary paper clutter
Because your forms are now digital, your operation can quickly reduce its reliance on physical resources like paper, printing supplies, and form storage. Eliminating the need for physical resources reduces opportunities for missing data, that would be complicated to reproduce or retroactively complete. With digital record-keeping and cloud access to data, caregivers can locate patient data and address patient needs more expediently.

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