Customer Story: Jaguar Coffee

The simplicity of creating and changing the form templates... as soon as we saw that, I knew that GoFormz was going to be the right solution.
— Clayton Etchison, CEO, Jaguar Coffee
Jaguar Coffee technician completes coffee equipment repair and uses GoFormz mobile forms to document the process

About Jaguar Coffee
Jaguar Coffee is a coffee equipment service and repair company based in Florida. Jaguar services some of the “largest chain coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and food-beverage companies in the world”, providing expert, specialized maintenance for espresso machines, coffee brewers and coffee grinders.

When relying on paper forms, altering a document’s formatting can be an incredibly frustrating and time consuming process. Jaguar Coffee needed a digital data capture platform that allowed for frequent form changes, to better capture the parameter changes manufacturers needed to make to their equipment.

Jaguar Coffee now uses GoFormz to update and customize their mobile form templates as often as they need. Mobile forms have also helped Jaguar Coffee increase transparency, accountability and efficiency, through seamless automations and real-time access to completed forms.


  • More complete, accurate, timely data, leading to greater efficiency

  • Instant access to forms, saving many hours weekly for the office team

  • Increased job site transparency via real-time form and data access

  • Accelerated manufacturer form template updates improve flexibility and provide cost savings


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