[Video] Full Webinar Recording: The Top Mobile Forms for Construction

Ready to elevate your construction operation? Adding mobile forms to your toolbox rapidly improves job site and back-office processes via accelerated data capture, increased accuracy, and seamless automations.

Our webinar, ‘The Top Mobile Forms for Construction’, guides participants through the most valuable and popular mobile forms for construction, including:

Many of these mobile forms are available for free in every GoFormz account, and come equipped with powerful, digital features, like Required fields, Automatic Calculations, and Signature boxes. These forms can be used on mobile devices (available for iOS, Android, and Windows), are fully functional offline, and are also available in a small-screen optimized viewing mode.

To view the webinar, including the ‘top mobile forms’, an overview of automated workflows (e.g. instantly route completed forms to teammates and integrated platforms), and a quick look at our Procore integration, check out the full recording and slideshare below:

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