Customer Success Story: North American Pipeline Inspection

GoFormz has helped us bridge the gap of field knowledge and tech, and made us that much better.
— Tony Burke, Project Manager & Chief Inspector, North American Pipeline Inspection

About North American Pipeline Inspection
North American Pipeline Inspection provides field service management to the oil and gas industry, delivering “project management skills and extensive construction experience” to every job site. Tasked with building and repairing pipelines, the North American Pipeline Inspection team prioritizes “seamless communication, on-site organization, and solid, quality handiwork every time.”

Mobile form on iPad in the field

North American Pipeline Inspection needed a solution to alleviate their burdensome administrative demands, as well as expedite data processing and pipeline inspections. Originally relying upon paper forms and books to capture business-critical field data resulted in a difficult workflow for field teams, who operate in remote areas and poor weather conditions. This process was also burdensome for back-office administrative personnel. Paper forms delivered from the field needed to be rekeyed into spreadsheets, wasting significant time and requiring the staffing of administrative teams.

North American Pipeline Inspection now digitizes and fills out forms using GoFormz, allowing users to leverage automated processing, new data types (like GPS) and real-time reporting. Now, with mobile forms, as soon as a form is completed, collected data is available for review and processing immediately – reducing administrative demands and eliminating the need for strictly ‘admin’ personnel.


  • Accelerated repair and construction times

  • GPS data increases field team accountability

  • GPS simplifies inspections and improves quality assurance

  • Real-time data simplifies, streamlines, and improves reporting

  • Digital data entry and automations reduce administrative demands

  • Mobile form completion elevates data quality and increases detail

  • Huge administrative time savings


  • Daily Inspection Reports

  • Timesheets

To learn more about North American Pipeline Inspection’s digital transformation with GoFormz, check out the full case study. Interested in digitizing your forms for use on phones and tablets? Getting started is easy – click here to try GoFormz for free.