Digital Features to Streamline Service Ticket Processing

Service tickets (also commonly referred to as field tickets) are used to capture critical service and customer information. Relying on paper forms to capture service ticket information can be extremely problematic throughout each step of the ticketing process.

Digital service tickets drastically simplify the capture and processing of service and customer data

For field teams, paper tickets often require manual sign-offs, requiring forms to be physically delivered between locations. These physical tickets can also require manual calculations to determine costs of labor, materials, and more.

For back-office teams who manage billing, paper field tickets can be incredibly hard to read (often due to poor handwriting or damage from the field). Any information disclosed within paper service tickets then must be rekeyed into spreadsheets and manually processed, requiring back-office admins to ensure ticket information is accurate, and track down any missing data.

Because using paper service tickets present obstacles from field to office, it can be difficult (and even impossible) to optimize this process while relying on physical resources like paper. Fortunately, with mobile forms, service tickets can be digitized for use on phones and tablets – drastically simplifying data entry and expediting access to collected service information.

DESHAZO, which designs, manufactures, installs and services overhead cranes and automation systems, relied on paper service tickets to capture service data across their many locations, by each onsite technician. With nearly 200 technicians completing a Service Ticket for each project, paper forms were often completed with problematic irregularities, and were difficult to complete.

Using GoFormz to digitize their service tickets, DESHAZO can now leverage digital features to expedite onsite data capture and improve processing efficiencies. With Barcode Scanning and Drop Down menus, onsite users can scan or select machinery and instantly fill relevant database fields. This process not only reduces opportunities for data entry errors and inaccuracies, but also significantly accelerates the entry of duplicate (previously captured) information (e.g. product serial numbers, location information, and more).

With digital Signatures, DESHAZO teams can rapidly collect customer approvals and automatically route completed service tickets to the back-office for immediate processing and expedient billing.

Forms are routed to a location’s office administrator based on their current location. Once a service ticket is received by the back-office, the billing process can begin. An invoice is sent to customers including an attached PDF of the completed service ticket, so that customers can reference work details when completing the payment process.

The Invoice and the Service Ticket go hand in hand… it makes for an easy close out on our end and an easy payment process on their end.
— Tray Ivey, President of DESHAZO’s Service Group

Digital service tickets mean no more time is wasted waiting for the manual delivery and processing of service information. Collected data no longer needs to be reconciled or located – information entered into digital service tickets is immediately sanitized via form logic or instantly populated into fields, elevating accuracy.

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