FAQ: How do I edit a Data Source?

Data Sources are a powerful tool for expediting and refining the entry of frequently used or previously captured data. For example, when completing a work order for a customer, selecting an item from a Data Source filled Drop Down can populate relevant fields with accurate data, instantly. This not only reduces opportunities for error, but also expedites the entry of previously-captured data.

Expedite the entry of previously captured data with data sources and drop downs

Creating and adding a Data Source is simple, however these collections of data often change as a business grows. For example, in the use case above, our work order is pulling from a Data Source composed of customer information. As a business grows, so does its client base. Thus a Data Source would need to be updated with new customer information.

Here’s how you can easily edit your Data Source in GoFormz:

  1. Login to your account online

  2. Select the ‘More’ drop down menu, and click Manage Data Sources

  3. Click the Data Source you would like to edit. Your Data Source records will load.

  4. Pick one of the scenarios listed below and follow the instructions

To add a single record, click Create Row (at the top):

  1. Fill out each column value and click ‘Save

To add multiple records at once:

  1. Craft a CSV file of the new information you would like to add to your existing Data Source (exactly as you would when creating a new Data Source)

  2. Click ‘Import CSV

  3. Click ‘Browse Files’ and select your CSV file

  4. Check the checkbox if your CSV file has a header row

  5. Click ‘Save

To edit an existing record:

  1. Click the ‘Edit’ icon next to the record

  2. When the dialogue box loads, edit the value you wish to change

  3. Click ‘Save

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