FAQ: Which Form Fields Can Be Included In GoFormz Reports?

The GoFormz Reporting Tool empowers users to seamlessly run reports across collected mobile form data. These reports can even be scheduled and configured so that reports are automatically delivered to a user’s inbox, or even uploaded to an integrated application.

What types of data can be included in your GoFormz reports?
Your reports can feature a variety of mobile form data, including:

  • Text Boxes

  • Number & Auto Number fields

  • Database fields

  • Drop Down menus

  • Checkbox & Checkbox Groups

  • Date, Time, and Date & Time fields

There are very few fields you cannot include in your GoFormz reports and they are generally limited to visual data types. Field types that cannot be included in your reports are:

  • Image fields

  • Locations

  • Signatures

  • Sketches

Why utilize GoFormz Reports?
GoFormz Reporting allows your team to thoroughly analyze collected data from a variety of different forms, within a clear and intuitive interface. Your reports are dynamic, meaning they are actively updated as data is collected, so long as that data meets any applied filter criteria. Leveraging GoFormz Reports your team can effortlessly enable their account to deliver a timely, highly accurate analysis of collected information, at regular intervals. With more regular, reliable data, your team can more confidently pinpoint business opportunities and obstacles, resulting in increased business agility.

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