3 Ways to Elevate Your GoFormz Reports

The GoFormz Reporting Tool enables teams to run and schedule reports across their collected data – delivering precise, compelling insights in real-time. These reports can be further optimized with a variety of GoFormz features, including:

Automate & schedule
Using GoFormz Workflows, reports can be scheduled to automatically run at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals, and then emailed directly to a GoFormz user.

Report across metadata
Metadata is data included in every GoFormz form and Template, and includes such values as Form ID, Creation Date, Template Name, and more. As many of these values as you wish can be included in your report,

Instantly upload to integrated applications
Also using GoFormz Workflows, reports can be scheduled and automatically uploaded to connected applications, like Box.

To learn more about the GoFormz Reporting Tool, watch our quick demo video here.