Field Service Amelia Island: 'Toolbox Talk' Takeaways

That’s a wrap on Field Service USA, Amelia Island! From booth to roundtable, we were thrilled to connect with field service leaders and innovators from across the globe.

A dozen field service amelia island attendees join GoFormz CEO and Oscar W. Larson CTO for a roundtable discussion

The highlight of our ‘Field Service East’ experience was our ‘Toolbox Talk’, Digital Tools That Empower Field Teams. We were joined by a dozen field service leaders and GoFormz customers, Oscar W. Larson Co., for a discussion of common job site data collection pain points, and how they can be remedied with emerging digital solutions.

Here are the key takeaways from our roundtable discussion:

The power of no code solutions
A frequent roadblock to digitization is the need for intensive IT support or coding when creating a digital data capture solution. Using GoFormz, teams can upload a PDF or JPG of their original paper form, and quickly create their digital, custom version, using the drag-and-drop form builder – no code or IT required. Using a form that they already recognize drastically streamlines user on-boarding, and allows teams to capture data straight from their own mobile device.

Improving compliance, digitally
Mobile forms can be equipped with powerful logic to guide user input, and ensure critical data is captured prior to form submission. For example, if an inspector on a job site would not be able to complete a safety form without adding their signature. These features significantly improve compliance efforts.

Increasing reliability
Leveraging Automated Workflow capabilities, field service teams can accelerate form completion and processing, while simultaneously improving accountability. Automated Workflows ensure that once a form is completed, it is instantly routed to the right people and platforms. For example, an Automated Workflow can be used to dynamically save completed forms to corresponding records within an integrated application (like Procore, BIM 360, Salesforce, ServiceMax, and more) – eliminating opportunities for that form to be lost or filed to the wrong location.

New data types
Digitizing your forms for use on mobile devices allows for the capture of new data types, like Images, Sketches, and GPS. Forms can also be equipped with Signature fields, allowing important authorizations to take place immediately. Barcode fields can also be used within your forms to rapidly scan and fill corresponding fields with information from a data collection.

Similarly, Automatic Calculations can be used to fill fields with instant, highly accurate totals. Our Field Service Amelia Island roundtable co-hosts, from Oscar W. Larson Co., use Automatic Calculations to improve their data capture and professionalism. “There are lots of mobile forms solutions that can capture data on mobile devices. Only GoFormz gave us the features we needed for our sales reps to automatically calculate a customers’ savings AND generate a professional-looking proposal they could sign right then and there.” – Pete Wayne, Director of IT & Operations

To read the full Oscar W. Larson case study, click here. To learn more about how mobile forms are digitally transforming Field Service, check out our free white paper, State of the Industry: Digital Transformation in Field Service & Construction.