Filling Out a Form Using the GoFormz App

You’ve created your GoFormz account, crafted your first form template, and are ready to start filling out your digital forms on the go. Watch our quick video of follow the simple steps below to begin using forms on your phones and tablets, anywhere, at any time:


  1. Download the GoFormz App (and Log In). 
  2. Navigate to your Form Templates
  3. Select the Template for the Form you wish to complete. 
  4. Your new Form will load in the app. You now have two options for data entry: Form View and List View. To toggle between the two views, select the [...] button at the bottom of the screen and select a view. 
  5. Enter your data. 
  6. Hit complete. 

Bonus: Using the right hand icon on the bottom of the screen, you can Reopen, Rename, Delete, Copy, Email, Download or Tag your completed form. 

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