Create Your First Form Template

Your digital transformation begins with your first form. Whether your form is a well-worn company legacy, or a blank sheet of paper, GoFormz can digitize your document faster and easier than any other platform. Ready to start your digital journey? Watch this quick video, or follow the simple steps below to begin creating your first Form Template: 

1. Login to your GoFormz account on your desktop. 

Upload your first form template

2. Select Upload a Form, and select the JPG or PDF file of your paper form (and give it an awesome name). You can also upload a blank document for forms created for List View data input.  

Enter data in either form view or list view.

3. Your form will load in the Form Editor. This is where the fun starts. 
4. Drag and Drop fields on top of your Form. Select anything from Date Fields to Drop Downs.
5. Adjust the size of your fields. Keep in mind your users’ behavior when adjusting sizes. For example, when adjusting the Signature Field, be sure to make the field boundaries larger than the field itself, to compensate for larger signatures. 
6. Edit your Field Properties. This means changing background colors, Drop Down items, font type and even Dynamic Properties
7. Adjust List View fields to be formatted in an intuitive, organized manner. 

Organize your form template in list view.

8. Select Save Changes (in the top right hand corner).

Congrats, you’ve completed your first Form Template! Remember to reach out to your GoFormz rep if you're interested in Form Building Services (for custom, expert guidance!). 

Need some extra visual guidance? Watch this brief video to learn how to create and use your first mobile form.