How to Create A Form Template From Scratch

GoFormz makes it incredibly easy to digitize your existing forms and documents… but what if a user does not already have a form or wishes to start from scratch?

Creating your own form to upload simply means creating a blank version of your ideal form, on to which you will place digital fields. Think of this as a background for your mobile form — your uploaded form ‘background’ guides user input and adds context to added digital fields. Below is an example of an uploaded form, with digital fields being added in the GoFormz Template Editor.


Creating a form to upload simply involves making a “blank” version of your form. This can be accomplished within several different applications. Here are a few suggestions from the GoFormz Support Team, on how to best create a Form Template of your own:

1. Select one of the applications below (or use your document creation preferred platform):

  • Google Docs (free!)

  • Apple Pages (comes with most Macs)

  • Microsoft Word

*You can also use spreadsheet applications (like Excel, Google Sheets, etc.).

2. Enter your form’s specific wording/descriptors, tables, or any other details and customization you would like as the background of your form.

3. Once completed, export your document as a PDF file (usually File > Export or File > Download As), which can then be uploaded to GoFormz.

Once you have customized your new form, export is as a PDF and upload to GoFormz

Important note: If you do not wish to create a form from scratch, you can always use GoFormz in List View. To learn more watch the video below or click here.

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For more information on getting started with GoFormz, check out our ‘Starter Guide’ or beginner video tutorials.