How Digital Data Can Help You Address Obstacles to Field Productivity

No matter your industry, managing remote teams in the field requires communication, transparency and accountability across numerous departments. Unfortunately for many teams still relying on analog tools (like paper forms) prioritizing any form of collaboration and communication is made difficult by the slow, error-prone nature of their resources.

Using digitized versions of their existing forms allows back-office and field teams to work in tandem without fear of overwrites, delays or miscommunications. These digital versions of their forms can be used on phones, tablets and computers, used in unfavorable weather conditions and easily shared with customers and colleagues.

Here are a few more mobile form features that help field teams address obstacles to productivity:

  • Combat delayed data delivery with real-time data and routing
    Hand-delivering documents wastes time and fuel. Instantly submit and access documents from anywhere using GoFormz.

  • Eradicate weather delays and damage with digital versions of your forms that even work offline
    Completing paper forms in torrential downpour is near impossible. Digital forms can be completed anywhere, anytime and in nearly any condition.

  • Sidestep miscommunications and missing data with embedded logic
    Require the capture of critical data with simple logic (e.g. Dynamic Field Properties, like Required fields).

  • Avoid forgotten tasks with Automated Workflows
    Automate daily tasks to streamline processing and enforce operational workflows.

  • Reduce administrative demands with instantaneous integrations and Cloud storage
    Instantly store completed forms in the Cloud and store data in your other critical apps (e.g. Salesforce, ServiceMax, Egnyte, Box and more).

  • Eliminate safety hazards with improved compliance and increased transparency
    Use Images, Sketches, Maps and Signatures to highlight areas of concern and document authorized actions to address them.

To learn more about what GoFormz can do to help your mobile workforce watch our ‘GoFormz for Your Mobile Workforce’ video.