The Powerful Advantages of No Code Form Builders

Drag-and-drop your way to your ideal, digital form, with GoFormz.

GoFormz is a ‘no-code’ form builder that just about anyone can use to build their perfect form! ‘No code’ applications allow professionals at all stages of tech adoption to build and customize their own digital solutions through visual development environments (e.g. drag-and-drop solutions).

So what makes ‘No Code’ builders so beneficial? ‘No Code’ platforms are empowering Citizen Developers of every industry, craft the applications their operations need. Here are a few reasons ‘No Code’ form builders benefit end users:

Reduced learning curve
When introducing a digital solution to your team, it’s natural to anticipate a learning curve for new users. With ‘No Code’ form builders, like GoFormz, there is no need for retraining, because your mobile form looks exactly like your existing form. Your team is familiar with their old form, making this new, digital interface incredibly easy to master. Additionally, because forms are created with ‘no code’ required,

Faster form building
Selecting a ‘No Code’ form building solution is as simple as it sounds. ‘No Code’ platforms present form building in a visual, intuitive environment – empowering new users to navigate form creation in a self-sufficient, with no technical background or coding experience. For example, GoFormz presents users with a drag-and-drop form Template builder, providing a visual environment that guides form creation.

Drag and drop smart fields onto you uploaded form

Cost effective
Form builders (and other business apps) that require code limit form building to those users with a more advanced understanding of technology and app development. Hiring new team-members to complete form creation or wasting time trying to understand a code-based platform, results in costly personnel investments and time wasted. Using a ‘No Code’ form builder streamlines and simplifies form building, so any member of your team can master form creation… no hiring or code tutorials required.

More frequent opportunities to optimize
GoFormz’ drag-and-drop editor also allows for more frequent optimization. The GoFormz Template Editor allows form creators to revisit their digital document and make changes, as often as they wish! This means that if an element of your form or workflow is obstructing productivity, it can be easily remedied within seconds.

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