The REAL Cost of Onboarding Paperwork

Using manual tools like pen and paper lead to costly delays

Onboarding a new employee is an exciting opportunity to welcome fresh perspectives, ideas and energy into your operation. However, onboarding new team members using manual tools, like pen and paper, can be a wasteful, costly practice.

When it comes to traditional onboarding and documentation, the most impactful expenses of the process result less from the physical resources involved (e.g. pen, paper, filing space) but rather derive from the time spent completing onboarding paperwork. From NDAs to Payroll information, onboarding requires a large variety of paperwork be completed before an employee begins their work. This paperwork requires a tremendous amount of time to not only complete, but also to review, process and store.

Consider this example scenario, from Glassdoor, “Let’s say a recruiter makes $25 an hour, and you hire 50 new employees per year, and it takes 10 hours of administrative time to process their documents. That adds up to $12,500 per year — probably a conservative estimate for larger companies.

Digitizing your onboarding forms reduces paid time spent filling out redundant information. Mobile onboarding forms created with GoFormz can be dispatched to new hires pre-filled with information (e.g. department, company contact details, etc.), reducing data entry demands. Once completed, mobile onboarding forms can be instantly routed to Human Resources for review, and instantly Tagged with the new hire’s name, for simplified form recall.

Mobile forms are also incredibly helpful when tracking new hire progress and training. For example, if your operation were to host mandatory training sessions for new hires, mobile sign-in sheets equipped with digital Signature boxes provide a simple, accessible way to track new hire session attendance. Further simplifying this process are workflow automations, like Automatic Routing. Once a training session is complete, the aforementioned sign-in sheet can be instantly emailed to specific supervisors for review.

Digital forms streamline onboarding and simplify human resources

Here are a few helpful examples of digital onboarding forms perfect for any modern operation:

  • 90 day Employee Evaluations
    Complete thorough, clear Employee Evaluations at the end of a new hire’s probationary period. Leverage features like Likert Scales to add compelling context and custom reviews.

  • Human Resources New Hire Checklist
    When onboarding new team-members, it is essential Human Resources completes the appropriate vetting, presents new hires with key company policies and ensures specific documentation has been completed. Mobile Human Resources New Hire Checklists present onboarding action items in a clear, trackable manner via digital fields like Checkboxes, ensuring critical onboarding requirements have been met.

  • Warehouse Training & Orientation - OSHA
    For many businesses, safety and compliance play a major role in the day-to-day activities of their staff members. Digital Warehouse Training Forms helps enforce the completion of critical compliance procedures, by new hires who might not yet be familiar with the specifics of OSHA and Job Safety Analysis. Using Dynamic Field Properties and simple, embedded business logic, safety training and documentation can be completed in an intuitive, streamlined manner.

  • Easy access to standard onboarding agreements, like Non-Competition Agreements, NDAs and more

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