No Code Required: Building Your Own Mobile Data Collection Solution

Citizen developers can use RMADs to create their own business-specific apps

The growing demand for digital solutions has ushered in a new age of ‘Rapid Mobile App Development’ (RMAD) created by employees of ranging tech-adoption. RMADs are no-code solutions (like GoFormz) that empower workers with little to no coding experience to build app solutions that best cater to their business needs. 

How do no-code applications empower modern workers? 
RMAD solutions allow businesses to more rapidly digitize their workflows, processing and resources. These no-code applications allow businesses to create solutions that meet their specific needs, with minimal support from external developers and tech professionals (meaning less time and budget are required). Because no-code solutions can be created and managed in-house by ‘Citizen Developers’, changes can occur more frequently, improving responsiveness and encouraging optimization. Most importantly, the solutions that these citizen developers build address day-to-day business requirements with high levels of precision and deliver tremendous utility (since they are commonly being built by an actual end-user).

What is a Citizen Developer? 
Citizen Developers are defined by Gartner research analysts as “...a user who creates new business applications for consumption by others using development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT.” These users do not have coding experience, but can leverage RMADs to build business-specific apps that meet their digital needs.

How GoFormz empowers Citizen Developers
GoFormz arms Citizen Developers with an easy-to-use app building platform, resulting in simplified and improved data entry. Using an online builder, smart fields can be added via drag-and-drop, and easily modified to help guide the user experience. Fields can be arranged intuitively within the ‘List View’ editor, for a streamlined, app experience on mobile devices. Citizen Developers can easily include business logic through simple conditional logic statements or leveraging a field’s Dynamic Field Properties settings. 

GoFormz does not require coding, and can be used by any level of tech familiarity. Watch this quick video to see how easily you can create your own mobile forms app.

To learn more about getting started with GoFormz, explore our GoFormz Starter Guide