Now Available: Remotely Log Out & Deactivate User Devices

Thanks to helpful feedback from our customers, the ability to remotely logout or deactivate a user’s account on a device from the Users & Groups page is once again available. We temporarily removed this functionality to allow for necessary security improvements. Now that these improvements have been made, we are happy to announce the re-launch of the remote device logout/deactivation feature, via the Users & Groups page.

Admins will now be able to view all devices connected to a user’s account on the ‘View or Edit User Info’ page. This page will show two categories of devices:

  • Active Devices: Devices that are currently logged in and able to be used by a user (each user is limited to 2 actively logged in devices).

  • Other Devices Connected to Your Account: Devices that have been used to access a particular account, but have not been logged out or left a session (e.g. devices that were ‘Disconnected’ when a user attempted to login to more than 2 devices).

Each device listed (in either category) will show the below information:

  • Type of device (e.g. phone, tablet)

  • Name of device (e.g. Pixel, Bob’s iPhone, etc.)

  • Make/model

  • Time of last sync

  • OS (iOS, Android, etc.)

  • GoFormz app version

In addition to the above information, each device listed will feature a ‘Logout’ button below ‘Type of device’. Here, admins can choose to logout a user from a particular device.

Once a device is logged out, the device will be removed from the user’s account entirely and will no longer show on this page, and the user’s account will be logged out of that device. The same is true for users who log out of their account manually on their device through the menu option. If a user is using this device when logged out remotely, the GoFormz app will immediately redirect to the GoFormz login page.

Deactivate your device and logout a user remotely

Note: In order to successfully logout a particular device, the GoFormz App on that device must be at least version 3.0.1841 for iOS and Android or 3.0.2470 for Windows devices. If the app on the device is not updated to these versions or above, the admin user will not be able to Logout a user on that device. The Logout button will be inactive on the Edit User page and an error message will show upon hover (see screenshot above).

To learn more about managing Users & Groups, visit our guide to GoFormz user management (and watch a quick video).