Oldcastle's Mobile Quality Control Forms Capture Better Data

Traditional paper quality control forms limit your team’s understanding of how subtle trends impact your business. Processing information contained in paper forms is time consuming and an extremely manual process. Discover a new world of data with GoFormz custom quality control forms—incorporate your standard form fields while harnessing the power of Dynamic Fields, Conditional Logic and Visual Data, acquiring data as unique as your business. 

Oldcastle, one of the biggest manufacturers in the construction industry, and a GoFormz customer since 2013, saved crucial time and expenses through data provided from their quality control forms filled out on mobile devices. Oldcastle’s production process features a rigorous pre-installation inspection, saving up to three months of construction time—a key feature of their timeline’s efficiency. However, this process required workers to complete a cumbersome 17-page report, in order to closely monitor the quality of each project. These overwhelming reports hindered employee productivity, and were often left incomplete until after a project was finished—resulting in major inaccuracies. Eager to adopt a more streamlined workflow, Oldcastle turned to mobile forms, eventually selecting GoFormz as their provider. 

Developing a custom quality control form for your business can lead to a variety of benefits:

  • Data accuracy: Custom forms featuring Conditional Logic and Dynamic Fields encourage documentation accuracy. Paper forms are accident prone—relying on the user to input accurate data, 100% of the time. By eliminating the opportunity for human error, Conditional Logic can reduce opportunities for inaccuracies. Similarly, Dynamic Fields can better ensure critical data is reported, using required fields. 
  • Improved completion time: Streamlining your reporting process not only improves the accuracy of your data, but also the speed in which it is recorded. By decreasing the effort required of your onsite workers when reporting, data can be quickly entered and more rapidly applied. Less time spent on paperwork, means more time completing projects. 
  • Rich data: Your projects are so much more than numbers on a spreadsheet. Traditional paper forms often can’t handle visual reporting elements, such as sketches, images or maps. GoFormz custom forms allow your workers to input project images, sketches and diagrams that give meaning to your data. 
  • Increased project visibility for customers and management: With a more visual, contextual and accurate understanding of your team’s progress, you can better delegate tasks as needed. In addition, your team can more accurately communicate the status of your projects to customers and other departments. 
  • Better analyze trends: A more complete understanding of your data allows your team to analyze subtle trends that may have a large impact on you production schedule and budgeting. 

By tracking details that would otherwise be lost or misconstrued in the shuffle of paperwork, your company has the opportunity to make more informed decisions about the way you do business. Oldcastle used insight from their custom quality control forms to pinpoint a costly flaw in their assembly line production process. After making the necessary changes to their production workflow, Oldcastle recorded $500K in savings over the course of a year, in addition to saving time on the factory floor. 

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