Spotlight Form: The Job Proposal Form

Save time, avoid errors and ‘wow’ clients with digital Job Proposal forms. With a variety of automated features (from calculations to routing), mobile proposals not only provide a polished aesthetic, but also a highly accurate and astoundingly efficient digital solution to paperwork.

Aim for total accuracy—with Cloud based storage, reference proposal details from the field or in the office, eliminating the possibility for miscommunication. If at any point during the project a question regarding the initial agreement arises, your team can instantly access agreement details (including Time Stamps and Signatures), giving you and your client peace of mind. Interested in implementing mobile Job Proposals? Scan the key features below to learn more about this form’s potential: 

Versatile features make mobile forms a powerful solution to paperwork.

Key Features: 

  • Signature Field: Document approval for proposed project descriptions and details with this required field. 
  • Date Fields: Capture the exact date and time of granted approval. 
  • Text Field: Record specific line items, project details and work summaries.
  • Pre-Populated Fields: Avoid filling in tedious fields with information already on file. Work faster, when you auto-fill fields with previously recorded data. 
  • Auto-Routing: Instantly email completed documents to key-players and clients. 
  • Auto-Calculations: Avoid human error and quickly tally costs and estimates.