FAQ: Can more than one user work on a form?

Yes, more than one user can work within the same form—making your team more efficient, and less accident prone. In fact, one of the most useful aspects of the GoFormz platform is the ability to collaborate without fear of overwriting someone else’s work. One teammate can fill out their portion of the form and then transfer it to someone else to fill out or complete.

Collaborate with coworkers and clients on the same mobile form. 

In the days of paper processing, projects were often stalled by slow contributors (or even worse, time spent deciphering chicken-scratch handwriting and messy math)—enter GoFormz. With powerful collaboration capabilities, GoFormz encourages teams to work together, without risking costly redundancies.

A frequently overlooked aspect of collaborative freedom? Partner and client contributions. With field level rules and safeguards against overwrites, third party partners and customers can provide valuable input (in the form of signatures, notes and more) to forms. With the added bonus of form transfers, required fields and sign off requirements, you can rest easy knowing forms will be completed correctly, and will be instantly available upon submission.