Unlock New Insights with GoFormz

When you trust your business data to paper documents and fillable PDF’s, you’re not only risking the security of your data, but also the quality. Confining our data to static forms means leaving compelling, potentially transformative insights on the table. Empower your business operation with, fresh insights and opportunities for optimization using GoFormz, see how: 

use the sketch field to add context to your work and data 

Visual Insights Provide Context
Using GoFormz mobile forms, harness visual and location data that paper and PDF’s simply cannot handle. Leveraging Image fields and Sketches, bring field data to life with visual context — illustrating key details otherwise neglected by more traditional data entry. Customers have often used Image and Sketch fields to present management, clients and partners with visuals supporting reported data, product highlights and other details crucial to their projects. 

add location data

Operational Insights
Understand every step of your team’s process. Utilize GPS coordinates, real-time data, and instantaneous access to reported information to better understand your team’s inefficiencies and areas in need of improvement. With instant access to completed information, in addition to details on user behavior, you can more precisely optimize your operational processes, and improve the way you work. (Let’s see paper do that…)

Pinpoint Subtle Trends
GoFormz empowers your business to report across the entirety of your account, collecting each and every detail so you can rapidly identify valuable opportunities and quickly address potential business hazards. 
Relying on paper forms and PDF’s isolates valuable information, leaving key data in limbo — utilizing GoFormz reports and real-time data, you can rest assured that all of your collected data is being put to use.