ProTip: Setting a CheckBox field to default as "checked"

Did you know that you can set the default value of a CheckBox field as “Checked” on your form?  It is a simple and time-saving setting for the fields that users almost-always "check off" in their forms.

In the Properties menu for a CheckBox field, the initial setting  is "unchecked." It is easy to toggle this setting to always default to "checked" instead.  In the Default Value setting, simply set the value as: true.

By setting the Default Value as true, the CheckBox will default on your form as "checked."  This setting also allows you to "uncheck" the field when you are filling out the form.

If you use quotes, you can set the field to be un-editable, thus enforcing that the field will always be "Checked"  (will not allow you to "uncheck" the field when filling out a form).  In other words, setting the Default Value as "true" enforces that the checkbox will always be checked, while setting it as true without quotes, allows you to uncheck the field when filling out a form.