The Top 11 Construction Mobile Forms

Modernizing the job site begins with dynamic, digital data capture. With mobile construction forms, teams can more rapidly and accurately enter critical project data, improving efficiency and bolstering job site safety efforts. Teams can enter project data within digital documents that look exactly like their original paper forms (or brand new versions), streamlining user onboarding and simplifying work with government entities. Form fields can be equipped with logic and instant calculations, and even made Required, effortlessly enforcing data capture rules. Construction mobile forms can even host new data types that paper simply cannot handle, like Images, GPS, and Maps.

So what digital forms can elevate your construction job site efforts? Explore the most popular mobile forms for construction:

Job Proposal
Impress prospective clients with professional, modern job proposals. Include visual context with Sketches and annotated Images of project details. Instantly run calculations to provide highly accurate project estimates and quickly secure authorizations with digital Signature boxes.

Work Order
Rapidly input project and customer information with digital Work Orders. Leveraging auto-population, instantly fill corresponding fields with highly accurate data – accelerating form completion and improving data quality. Work Orders can even be dispatched to teams in the field, pre-filled with project and customer data.

Daily Safety Briefings
Improve your Toolbox Talks with Daily Safety Briefing forms. Digital safety forms fit seamlessly into any Job Safety Analysis (JSA), allowing teams to confirm they attended any necessary safety discussions and/or training, with digital Signature capture, Date fields, Table line items, and more. Your mobile safety forms can be easily and regularly modified, to meet the needs of each project. With real-time access to submitted data, back-office counterparts can effortlessly track the progress of safety briefings, ensuring construction teams are compliant and increasing job site transparency.

Jobsite Inspection
With mobile forms, it’s easy to capture inspection data — resulting in faster processing and improved data accuracy. Quickly input and annotate inspection Images to note hazards or concerns. Instantly fill fields with data collected from previous construction mobile forms, like Job Proposals or Work Orders. Leverage Automatic Workflows to instantly route submitted inspections to back-office teams, integrated applications (like Procore, BIM 360, and PlanGrid), and supervisors.

Employee Timesheet
Streamline payroll processing and track overtime hours, with digital Timesheets. With Automatic Calculations, users can quickly and accurately input their hours worked. With Dynamic Field Properties, overtime hours can be clearly highlighted and prompt users to complete an additional field, describing why additional hours were necessary. Once completed, an Automatic Workflows can be used to Tag the completed form with an employee or department name, and instantly route the form to payroll.

Incident Report
Accidents happen, and when they do, mobile construction forms, like the Incident Report, can help your team address the situation efficiently and thoroughly. Input Images, add incident GPS data and collect supervisor Signatures, to thoroughly capture incident details.

Equipment Inspection Form
Simplify equipment inspections with Checkboxes, Text field descriptions, and Image fields. Capture onsite supervisor authorizations with digital Signature fields.

Time & Materials Log
Easily track material and labor expenses with the digital Time & Materials Log. Quickly calculate totals with Automatic Calculations. Leverage Barcode Scanning capabilities to scan and instantly fill corresponding fields with a product’s details (e.g. SKU, price).

Change Order
Easily modify your project’s scope of work with digital Change Orders. Dynamically route completed Change Orders to input customer or colleague emails, and instantly fill Change Order fields with data collected within an original Job Proposal or Work Order. Digital Change Orders can quickly capture customer and collaborator Signatures, quickly securing authorizations for later reference.

Efficiently complete and share professional Invoices with customers, collaborators, colleagues. With Automatic Calculations, invoice figures are highly accurate and free from human error. Your Invoice line items can be clearly organized within Tables, providing a professional breakdown of project inspections.

Employee Evaluation
Streamline performance management with digital Employee Evaluations. Include Likert Scales for customizable performance measurements. Leverage Automatic Tagging to easily organize completed evaluations by an employee’s name or department, and instantly route a copy of completed evaluations to an employee once submitted.

Powerful Construction Mobile Form integrations
Construction mobile forms can be integrated with powerful platforms like Procore, PlanGrid, and BIM 360. Leveraging Automatic Workflows, form data and PDFs of completed forms can be used to update corresponding project records or used to create new ones. These integrations can also be used to dispatch pre-filled construction mobile forms to teams in the field, and so much more.

Why GoFormz?
Construction mobile forms digitized with GoFormz can look exactly like an original paper document, streamlining user onboarding. GoFormz is the only mobile forms platform that allows users to preserve the look of their original paper document. GoFormz is fully functional offline, allowing remote teams to complete and access their forms, anywhere, anytime (collected data is synced to the GoFormz cloud once a signal becomes available).

GoFormz also allows users to fill out their construction mobile forms in two viewing modes: Form View (a traditional view of your digital form) and List View (a small-screen optimized, app-like index of your form fields). To learn more about how GoFormz can improve your operation, request a demo of the GoFormz platform, or sign up for a free trial here.

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