3 Ways to Work Faster With Mobile Forms

Mobile forms are awesome for countless reasons – fewer mistakes, more accurate data… the list goes on! Among these powerful mobile form benefits is a simple yet transformative result: mobile forms help your team work faster.

Effortlessly work faster with mobile forms you can use on your phone, tablet or computer

Digitizing your forms collection allows your team to prioritize both efficiency and quality, by harnessing digital features unattainable when using manual tools like pen and paper. These digital tools expedite the completion of forms while helping to guide user input, increasing accuracy and thoroughness. Here’s how:

  1. Dispatch pre-filled forms to expedite field data entry
    Leveraging integrated platforms like ServiceMax, Salesforce and Procore, dispatch forms pre-filled with data to teams in the field. This means back-office personnel can instantly dispatch work orders, inspection forms and more, pre-filled with company or project data from connected platforms. This feature not only expedites form completion, but also effortlessly increases the accuracy and completeness of form data.

  2. Automate form routing and eliminate processing delays
    With Automated Workflows, trigger the instant completion of daily tasks – ensuring critical processing steps (like form routing, record-keeping, client communications and reporting) are always completed, without adding to your team’s workload.

  3. Connect your mobile forms to other business apps and enrich your operation with real-time data, instantly
    Integrating your mobile forms with your other important business applications streamlines record-keeping, while eliminating time consuming practices like rekeying data and filing. Leveraging seamless integrations, instantly update records and objects with completed forms, Image attachments and metadata.

Looking for more ways to work smarter with mobile forms? Check out our free white paper, The Five Phases of Digital Transformation and discover how digitizing your data and processing leads to a leaner, more efficient operation.