5 Benefits of a Paperless Workplace

Thinking of finally ditching paper? Digitizing your paper forms for use on mobile devices (like phones and tablets) opens up a vast number of opportunities to save your business money, time and headaches. Consider the time, resources and personnel paperwork and record-keeping demand – eliminating these physical and manual demands frees up significant time and budget to optimize your business.

To learn more about digitally transforming your business, check out these five benefits of running a paperless workplace:

Run a lean operation
Free your workplace from the burdens of paper to achieve sustainable growth, without stretching your budget. Removing paper documents and printing needs frees up budget and time to optimize your business, rather than merely maintain it. For example, consider the sheer amount of storage space needed to host paper documents and time wasted hunting through files to find one piece of information. By going paperless and collecting data digitally, your business no longer needs to struggle with overwhelming record-keeping, resulting in a leaner, more productive work environment.

A paperless workplace provides a large variety of benefits

Streamline collaboration
Waiting for the delivery of paper forms from the field or back-office slows productivity and communication. Using digital versions of your existing forms on phones and tablets allows your team to rapidly complete their paperwork and collect data anywhere, within an interface they already understand. This means that paperwork is completed and shared faster, streamlining communication and multi-team collaboration. Automated Workflows can even be enabled to instantly route completed forms to relevant teams and platforms – drastically simplifying teamwork.

Improve professionalism
Paper forms are fragile and easily marred by messy handwriting, coffee spills, faulty storage and weather damage. Filling out forms on phones and tablets instantly provides form users with a modern, polished form that can’t be damaged by human error or poor conditions. This means that completed forms are client-ready and can be externally distributed without fear of embarrassing damage or mistakes. With automated form sharing, the ability to host new data types (like Images, GPS and Sketches) and digital Signature capture, your business can present customers and partners with highly professional, modern mobile documents.

Garner more timely, precise insights
Paper forms require exhaustive processing, including manual delivery, rekeying, scanning, faxing… the list goes on! With mobile forms, data can be captured from the field and instantly routed to the back-office for real-time analysis, via custom Reports. This instant gratification results in more timely, precise insights and effortlessly increased business agility – allowing the back-office to respond to developments in the field immediately.

Enrich your operation end-to-end with real-time field data
Rather than rekeying paper form data into individual business platforms, integrate your mobile forms with your other apps and systems. With mobile forms connected to your other business applications, data can be synced in real-time across your operation’s systems. This means field data can be automatically and instantly shared with Salesforce, Procore, ServiceMax, Egnyte, Box and more – just by hitting complete! These integrations not only expedite data sharing, but also reduce opportunities for missing or incorrect data as a result of human error.

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