4 Essential Mobile Forms for Healthcare Practices

Streamline patient intake with HIPAA-secure data capture, routing, and processing. Mobile healthcare forms eliminate administrative bottlenecks to patient care, resulting in faster patient processing, elevated professionalism, and increased communication. GoFormz enables your healthcare team to digitize their forms for HIPAA-secure use on mobile devices, like phones and tablets. Once completed, forms can be automatically routed to care providers, stored in connected systems, and even securely shared with patients.

Digital healthcare forms - practitioner taking patient vitals

Mobile healthcare forms encourage better communication between patients, providers, and practices. Ready to get started digitizing your healthcare forms for HIPAA-secure data capture? Check out these four essential mobile forms for healthcare:

Patient Intake forms
Securely gather patient information prior to appointments, with the Patient Intake form. Using mobile healthcare forms to gather incoming patient data enables your team to rapidly prepare assessments of patient needs. Leveraging Date fields, patients can quickly enter appointment and date of birth details. With Checkbox Groups, enforce the selection of one or several options (e.g. in response to ‘Do you smoke?’ your Checkbox Group can limit patients to one choice: yes or no).

Medical History Surveys
Evaluate patient health with digital Medical History Surveys. Easily capture highly accurate referral, surgical, and medical history, to better inform patient care. With Table fields, allow new patients to quickly and clearly enter details like family history, allergies, and more. With Checkbox Groups, enable patients to quickly note previous health concerns and symptoms. With Dynamic Field Properties, make fields Hidden or Visible based on user selections.

Privacy Notices
Due to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, patients must be informed of their privacy rights, specifically regarding their Protected Health Information (PHI). With digital Privacy Notices, healthcare providers can easily and clearly disclose how PHI may be used, the patient’s rights, the provider’s legal duties, and more. Checkbox fields can be used to note the patient’s recognition of disclosed information, while Required Signature fields ensure the capture of critical authorizations.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys
No matter your discipline, patient feedback is essential to quality care. With digital Patient Satisfaction forms and surveys, your practice can quickly gather timely and compelling feedback. Using customizable fields, like Likert Scales, allow patients and customers to select their level of satisfaction. With Text fields, patients can enter their personal experience details, providing further context to care and concerns. Once completed, Patient Satisfaction Surveys can be routed to practice administrators, increasing responsiveness and business agility.

Digitizing your healthcare forms for mobile, HIPAA-secure data capture
Creating digital versions of your existing healthcare forms is incredibly simple when using GoFormz. If you already have a GoFormz account, contact your account manager to learn more about upgrading your account to HIPAA-secure. Once you’ve upgraded, you can digitize your forms in the Template Editor and start filling out your healthcare forms from mobile devices, like phones and tablets. To learn more about getting started with GoFormz, click here.

Looking for more information on mobile healthcare forms and HIPAA-secure data capture? Check out our HIPAA overview page to watch a quick video and review key features, or request a demo of GoFormz' HIPAA-Secure edition here.