3 Ways Mobile HVAC Forms Improve Client Retention

Every HVAC professional knows that outshining the competition requires more than stellar service alone. Rather, securing and retaining customers also requires clear communication, efficient personnel and attention to detail… tasks that become incredibly difficult when relying upon paper forms.

Use mobile HVAC forms to improve your customer service. (Image: Man in hard hat completes HVAC project)

Using mobile HVAC forms, it’s incredibly easy to elevate your customer service, without adding to your workload. Here are three ways mobile forms will improve your HVAC client retention:

  1. Present customers with professional, digital forms
    Coffee stains and chicken-scratch handwriting? Not professional. Ensure your documentation instills confidence in your services with digital versions of your existing paper forms. Digitizing your paper forms for use on phones and tablets not only increases professionalism, but also allows returning clients to fill out and review forms they are already familiar with.

  2. Encourage your team’s proactivity and client-facing communication

    Mobile HVAC forms empower your team to be proactive, without adding to their to do lists. This is accomplished through the automation of form actions, like routing and record-keeping. For example, while manually delivering a form to a customer requires transportation and time, using an Automated Workflow to instantly share forms with customers ensures the task is completed promptly, every time.

  3. ‘Wow’ clients with your attention to detail

    Mobile HVAC forms can host data types that paper simply cannot handle. Effortlessly include project Images, GPS, Maps and Sketches in your mobile forms and impress your customers. These new data types add context to your documents, presenting project details in a clear, professional manner. Using digital versions of your forms also allows your team to capture more accurate project data.

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