ProTip: Reduce Administrative Demands with Mobile Forms

Paper forms are a waste of time, demanding hand-delivery, manual processing and intensive record-keeping. Adding to these frustrations are the rigid, isolated nature of paper forms, which provide very few opportunities for optimization or improvements. This results in a “as good as it gets” mentality, with administrative personnel and form fillers alike settling for ineffective and problematic workflows.

Fortunately, mobile forms rapidly resolve these issues, allowing administrative teams to digitize and customize their forms for use on mobile devices and regularly optimize their accompanying workflows. These digital enhancements result in incredible benefits, especially for back-office counterparts who are often tasked with the rigorous management and organization of completed forms.

Real time access (no waiting for weeks)

With paper forms, documents completed in the field must be hand-delivered to the back-office for processing. For some field teams, this can mean waiting days, weeks or even months to deliver the entirety of their paperwork, in the hopes of reducing fuel expenses or time spent delivering forms. These delivery wait times result in detrimental delays for administrative teams, who must then retroactively process and file delivered forms.

With mobile forms, back-office teams can access and process completed forms in real-time. This allows admin teams to identify and respond to opportunities or issues, faster, which in turn increases business agility and accountability.

Simplified record-keeping

Storing physical copies of forms requires significant amounts of time and expensive filing resources. In fact, it’s not uncommon for back-office teams to have personnel dedicated to solely processing and storing forms.

Mobile forms have helped users in every industry eliminate time wasted organizing and searching for forms, through centralized Cloud storage and automations. Completed forms are instantly saved to the Cloud. Leveraging Automated Workflows, forms can be instantly routed to connected business applications (like ServiceMax, Salesforce or Procore) or Tagged with searchable keywords, like a customer name or location.

The ability for us to have one central area of document storage that we can go search is extremely valuable to our customers, and is extremely valuable to us.
— Tray Ivey, President, DESHAZO Service Group

No need to rekey, gather missing data or track down forms

When it comes to handwriting forms, mistakes happen. Missing data, lost forms and illegible handwriting are all unfortunate, unavoidable side effects of paper documents. These innocent mishaps are made all the more problematic when coupled with extensive form-delivery wait times, which make it difficult to correct mistakes, locate missing data or find lost forms.

With mobile forms, conditional logic and instant form routing help back-office administers enforce the capture of critical information and track the progress of their teams in real-time. For example, important fields can be made Required, ensuring that data is captured before a form can be completed. Similarly, automated form routing guarantees forms are immediately delivered to the correct people and platforms, every time. Finally, because forms are digital, administrators no longer need to rekey data into other systems, or battle hard-to-read handwriting.

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