Best Practices for Collaborating With Vendors, Partners & Clients

Allow third party collaboration to operate smoothly with mobile forms features.

Grant your partners, vendors and clients visibility into relevant projects with collaborative, secure features from GoFormz. 

Third party participation is often a stressful endeavor — entrusting your data, project documents and time with participants unversed in your company’s operational workflows. Harnessing GoFormz collaborative and workflow features, sharing project responsibilities with unaffiliated collaborators is secure and simple. Read up on our best practices for seamlessly collaborating with vendors, partners and clients within GoFormz mobile forms. 

Share Freely
Automatically distribute forms easily with shareable mobile forms and documents. Enable auto-routing to instantly send copies of completed documents to vendors, partners and clients (no reminders necessary). Automatic routing eliminates the need for faxing, scanning or hand-delivering documents, and allows clients and partners to keep their own records of project documents. 

Field Level Rules & Logic
Establish field-level rules and logic to enforce workflows and avoid redundancies. Make Signature fields, contact information and other crucial fields Required, to ensure documents are completed upon submission. Ensuring fields are completed in the correct order, by the right people, reduces opportunities requiring further investigation into missing or incorrect data.

Multi-Touch Signatures
Allow for a multitude of Signatures to be added within one form, without fear of overwrites. With Multi-touch signature capabilities, GoFormz empowers your team to rapidly collect signatures, regardless of order. 

Add images to your mobile forms for increased visibility into projects for collaborators.

Leverage Images
Easily include images within your forms, to share visual project updates and key-features with partners and clients — allowing for increased visibility and peace of mind for your collaborators.

Real-Time Updates
Dispatch real-time updates to collaborators, keeping key-players knowledgeable of project milestones and progress. 

Mobile forms allow contributors to gain increased visibility and confidence in project progress, and boosts customer satisfaction and partner assurance. Searching for more powerful features? Check out the Top 7 Form Features for Modernizing Your Business