The Easiest Way to Fix your Fragmented Workflow

Nothing delays an operation like a fragmented, broken workflow. This systemic issue is common amongst late tech adopters, who rely upon manual documentation, processing and communications. 

Luckily, modifying and resolving your broken workflow is not only simple, but a natural side effect of digitizing your forms and processing with GoFormz. Below we’ve listed common workflow stumbling blocks, and how GoFormz smart mobile forms easily resolves them. Find your workflow dilemma and solution, here:

My documents are constantly...

Never struggling with late forms and documents again. Documents digitized with GoFormz are instantly available once submitted. Send reminders via Alerts to form users once a document is ready for their attention –– no more communicative delays or waiting for manual deliveries! 

Inaccurate or incomplete. 
Using Dynamic Field Properties (DFP’s), guide users through form completion in a controlled, intuitive manner. Manage what fields users are required to complete (and in what order) before submitting their forms –– guaranteeing forms turned in, are 100% complete. 

Still deciphering chicken scratch handwriting? With GoFormz, there’s no need to translate your team’s handwriting –– forms are legible, and easy to understand. 

Ensure forms are turned in with dispatched alerts and documents –– arming teammates with the right document, for every job, every time. 

My data is…

Use Automatic Calculations and DFP’s to quickly fill and complete fields in an efficient, accurate manner. Pre-Populating GoFormz Fields using your operation’s data collections reduces your margin for error.  

Missing context. 
When it comes to field and project data, merely listing numbers on a page can do little to illustrate progress. Using powerful contextual fields like Images, Sketches, Maps and more, your GoFormz mobile forms can better demonstrate your data’s significance. 

My reporting is…

Delayed & Time Consuming. 
Rekeying data takes too long. Using GoFormz, instantaneous data allows for immediate processing and analysis. With instant access to submitted data, there’s no need to re-enter recorded data. Expedite your reporting workflow with real-time data and timely insights. 

My customers say…

My response times are sluggish. 
Exhaustive, sluggish processing means customers spend more time waiting. Respond to clients at the speed of digital, with shareable, client-ready documents and rapid data.

My operation is old school. 
Nothing says ‘out-of-date’ like paper forms or rigid digital documents. GoFormz prioritizes your familiarity and existing workflows by preserving the look of your forms… while modernizing them.