Spotlight Form: The Employee Timesheet

Timesheets are a crucial operational element, keeping track of employee hours within a pay cycle. Often, time tracking solutions force you to choose between an option outside of your budget or adapt to an overly complicated, cheaper solution. We at GoFormz believe efficiently tracking employee hours should always be accurate and simple, and with our mobile solution, it can be.

A mobile form timesheet is an effective and affordable way to automate processing, and empowers your employees to track their own hours accurately (and easily). With seamless automated routing, Pre-Populated Fields and Tags—locating, completing and submitting timesheets has never been easier.

To better understand this form’s time-saving potential, explore the fields and features below.    

Mobile employee timesheets improve pay processing and operational efficiencies. 

Auto-Routing: Immediately send signed copies of timesheets to supervisors or payroll, ensuring completed forms are submitted to the correct recipient, as soon as they are approved.
Date Fields: Automatically specify pay cycle dates, work dates, and submission dates.
Signature Fields: Include a Required Signature field, to guarantee employees, supervisors and other involved parties confirm the validity of timesheet details, before submitting.
Text Fields: Include a Text field for additional notes, to put hours, missed shifts or other inherent circumstances in context.
Auto-Calculations: Automatically calculate hours worked and pay totals, while avoid human error.
Pre-Populated Fields: Fill fields with previously collected employee details, like name, title or supervisor.
Tags: Organize your timesheets by department, employee name and more, for easy access and simplified organization. 

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