4 Ways GoFormz Strengthens Your IT Team

Improve IT management and workflows with GoFormz

Let’s review some of the GoFormz features that make technology management and support, seamless: 

1. Improved Response Times
Instantly submit and respond to tickets and work orders from any department, location or device — improving internal communications and timeliness.

2. Streamlined Work.
Automated workflows transform the way your team works. Set up regular alerts, automatic emails (e.g. when a ticket is completed, the submitted mobile form is instantly emailed to an IT team member), and scheduled reports — streamlining tech-related workflows and expediting data gathering. 

3. Bolstered Project Record-Keeping.
Keeping track of project progress should not be tasked to paper forms. With digital documents from GoFormz, easily search and retrieve completed forms and drafts. Simplify document location by sorting by date range, and filtering forms by User, Tag or Status. 

(Pssst, GoFormz form management is about to get even easier, with the Google Drive integration, currently in Beta. If you’re interested in being an early adopter, click here.) 

4. Optimized Security. 
Security is the workplace’s most valuable (and vulnerable) commodity — safeguard your data with secure storage and data entry. 

There are hundreds more reasons to love GoFormz, click below to learn a few.