Manage Inventory with GoFormz

Managing inventory is a recurring source of stress for every business, but nonetheless essential. Inventory management dictates the product ordering and distribution processes, and directly impacts budgeting — meaning the accurate documentation of each asset is crucial.

Traditional pen and paper inventory processes invite opportunities for human error (even the most well-meaning employees make mathematical slip-ups!) — safeguard your business from unnecessary mistakes and better project inventory needs, with mobile forms and documents. 

Check out the GoFormz fields and features that help make inventory management a breeze:

In this example, employee's can select their name within a  Drop Down  list, which can then pre-fill corresponding fields.

In this example, employee's can select their name within a Drop Down list, which can then pre-fill corresponding fields.

Drop Downs:
Think of Drop Downs as your efficiency secret weapon. With preset Drop Down items (e.g. technician names, warehouse locations, unit types) GoFormz admins can structure the types of data entered into form fields, and expedite the data entry process, for frequently input fields. 

Drop Down Pro-Tip: Save Item Lists for use within future fields!

Preset Unit Values & Automatic Calculations: 
With GoFormz, account admins can pre-set inventory product currency values within templates, to better structure the data input into each form. This means form users only need to select the name of the unit they are processing (e.g. “flour”, “AA batteries”, etc.), and the GoFormz mobile form will automatically fill the price per unit. 

To further simplify the data entry process, and better ensure total accuracy, form admins can also enable forms to automatically calculate the total cost or value of the number of specified units entered by a user. 

preset unit value to enable automatic calculations

Required Fields & Signatures:
With Required form fields, ensure data crucial to inventory accuracy is entered before submission. No more forgotten quantities or neglected details — with Required fields, employees must gather all inventory data before moving on. 

One of the most useful Required fields is the Signature field, which gathers the autograph of the employee tasked with inventory, denoting their confirmation that every field entered within the form is completely accurate. 

Automatic Routing: 
Based on the information entered within the Inventory mobile form, automatically route completed documents to relevant supervisors. For example, if an employee were to select a specific warehouse location within a Drop Down, forms can be instructed to automatically send a copy to a corresponding supervisor from that location. 

Managing inventory on a mobile device encourages neat, complete and accurate work. With GoFormz, your mobile inventory forms can look exactly like your existing paper forms, meaning your business gains all the perks of digital, without the need for retraining. Searching for more forms to empower your small business? Check out the 7 best forms for small businesses here.