Agricultural & Plant Science Success With GoFormz

When managing Agricultural and Plant Sciences, accurate data is nothing short of a necessity. Data can shape your ability to develop sustainable crop growth — from optimizing nutritional values, to measuring pesticide success, every detail plays a vital role.

Improve field data accuracy.

Plant Science innovation involves the joint efforts of countless professionals, and faces a plethora of daily challenges (like weeds, drought and diseases). With accurate data, scientists, farmers and environmental advocates can project potential obstacles to crop growth, and act accordingly. To best gather these powerful insights, Plant Science innovators have turned to digital data collection and management via platforms like GoFormz. 

How can GoFormz digitally transform your Agricultural and Plant Science data collection? Check out the following fields and features that will improve your data and operations:

Mobile capabilities — even offline: 
Clipboards, binders and paper forms make for sloppy work. Ensure your scientists, growers and managers are equipped with the right forms, at all times. Using GoFormz, easily dispatch the forms your workforce needs, to their mobile device or tablet. No wifi out in the field? No problem — GoFormz mobile forms can be used anywhere, even offline. 

To further simplify the field data gathering process, administrators can pre-fill dispatched forms with frequently used information (like a scientist’s name and contact information, or a farm’s location) so mobile staff can focus on entering crucial farm data. 

Improved data accuracy:
When working in the sciences, data accuracy is crucial. Using GoFormz, sidestep human error and neglected form fields with features like Automatic Calculations, Timestamps, Drop Downs and Required fields. These features will streamline data entry, ensure every field is completed before submission, and provide a structure to what data can be entered within specific fields — ensuring accuracy, and expediting data entry.

improve plant science data accuracy with goformz

Visual fields paper can’t handle:
With the exception of the occasional doodle, paper forms fail to illustrate or support gathered field data. With GoFormz, add Images, Maps, GPS Coordinates and Sketches, directly from your device — adding visual context to entered field data.

Freedom to Collaborate:
GoFormz empowers your team to collaborate within the same form, without fear of overwrites or redundancy — forms can even be securely shared with third-party users! This means farmers, chemists, management and more, can rapidly share and collaborate within a form, without compromising vital data. 

Pinpoint trends:
With the highly accurate and timely data gathered using GoFormz, Plant Science and Agricultural professionals can craft compelling insights, and pinpoint trends. Using real-time and instantly available data, management can act quickly to circumvent potential hindrances, or respond to developing issues. 

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